Our photography team offers top professional services to our clients. Many of the artists who are working with us have received awards for their area or areas of expertise. Some of them are also working in the professional field of videography for the New Zealand television channels TV1 and TV3.

Richard has worked in film and television for eight years and in that time has won national editing and cinematography awards. He has recently branched out into landscape and wedding photography and brings an enormous skill set with him - both in shooting and in the colour correction and stylisation of still photos.

Richard has joined this team as a production wedding coordinator and will arrange for makeup and hair stylists, the photographer and videographer. With extensive knowledge of the best locations in New Zealand, Richard will ensure your tailored New Zealand wedding adventure is an amazing experience, with every memorable moment artistically and professionally captured.

We currently offer our clients a package of wedding photography, or a photography and videography package, which can be selected for one or two day services around the South Island. For the ceremony only, we offer a half day or full day service.